Labrador Puppy Biting Tips

Stop Puppy Biting

 Many dog Labrador owners have to ask how to stop their from puppy biting. It is sometimes very stressful trying to figure out what it takes to control that behavior. A puppy that playfully bites is very annoying  at first, but as they age, they can become outright dangerous, to you your family and strangers. If your lab puppy bites or nips playfully, take action quickly to stop it.  Even though Labrador Retrievers are very non aggressive they are prone to playful biting and nipping.  Start teaching not to bite and nip early in your dog training.


How to Stop Dogs from Biting as Puppies

 The easiest time to curtail this behavior and stop it,  is when the dog is still a puppy. A young puppy under six months of age is very easy to train  because it is in the greatest learning stage of it’s life.  At this age is when dogs generally learn how to bite in the wild.


The biggest part of the problem here is that many people assume their puppies are teething or merely playing. Most people don’t believe the pup is trying to hurt them.  What they don’t see, is what’s really happening, the puppy is learning how to assert its position in the pack, using its teeth to show who is in charge. If you want to know how to stop dogs from biting, it starts right here, when they are still very open to learning.


There are many ways to stop your puppy from biting. Most of them will mimic how the puppy would be treated with its litter mates and mother. A light nip on the neck, a whining noise when you are bitten, a light flick on the nose and stern NO, and replacement therapy where you hand the dog a toy instead of your hand are all good ways to teach the dog that biting other people is not acceptable. If you have trouble teaching your puppy to stop nipping, you should go to an obedience school or hire a trainer.


How to Stop Dogs from Biting at One Year


Puppies begin to nip and bite to show  dominance and that they are in charge of the household. The pup will move on to play biting when it is a teenager at around one year of age. Any number of factors can contribute to this behavior. Physical games with your dog should stop right away. No wrestling, tug of war or other dominance related games.


A great rule of thumb is to not give your puppy free reign of the house. Give them boundaries, cut them down to a specific range of motion, even crate training them if necessary. A good obedience training program can be very helpful with a teenage dog that bites.


How to Stop Dogs from Biting as they Age


If your dog continues their  biting behavior, eventually it will become  a big problem as an adult. The dog may seem to “turn on” their owner, but in reality, the dog always stays himself as the leader of the pack.


If your dog bites or nips at anyone after one year of age, you need to find a professional immediately because there is serious danger here and the dog might choose to assert its dominance at any time with an attack.  My newsletters and free eBooks give more suggestions.


When learning how to stop dogs from biting, you need to start at as early an age as possible. With only a few exceptions for disease or mental disorder, most dogs who bite as adults had biting/nipping  issues as puppies that could have been stopped. Learn many more tips and tricks to training your Labrador with the free ebook below.



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