Welcome to Labrador Retriever Dog Training

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Welcome to Labrador Retriever Dog Training,  I really hope you enjoy  the great content and resources I have on this topic.

My name is Joe, I own 2 wonderful hunting Labrador Retrievers and just added a new Lab puppy. All 3 are highly trained hunting retrievers I trained myself. I’ve also helped numerous friends and relatives train thier Labs.  I have included a few recommended e-books and health care products to help you train your Labrador Retriever. I have used all the products and services I recommend. I’ll introduce you to my dogs on the ABOUT US page.

 The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world

The Labradors make  dog training fairly easy. They are very social, loving and willing to please. Most labs can be trained at a very young age in the form of games. The Labrador is a very versatile breed used for hunting, drug detection, seeing eye and search and rescue. This is a testament to the trainability of this amazing breed. Although it’s easily trainable some Labs can be very energetic and headstrong. I have a number of great articles to help head off problems before they become prominent annoying behaviors.

The Labradors are a very popular hunting and field trial dog. Training a top notch hunting dog requires a very solid foundation in basic obedience. The commands SIT, STAY, HERE, HEEL and DOWN are not only the hunting dogs training foundation but also what makes a family pet very well mannered. Most of this site is geared toward the basic foundation of obedience, however I am expanding the hunting section to help with the highly specialized hunting dog training.

Welcome to Labrador Retriever Dog Training